Cauvery College of Pharmacy


Dept of Pharmacognosy

Department of Pharmacognosy is visualized to have a forefront in imparting quality education to every student. The success of the department is amply reflected in the outstanding achievements of the students employed both abroad and within the country. Every success is due to the involvement of a well qualified and dedicated faculty member, motivating the efforts of the students to reach the goal with enthusiasm and good ethical values.


Dr. Hamsalakshmi
(Associate Professor)

Department of Pharmacognosy
Experience: 8 Years
Ph No.: 9481066638
E Mail:


Ms. Brundha U
(Assistant Professor )

Department of Pharmacognosy
Experience: 2 Months
Ph No: 9513110565
E Mail:


Mr. Bijju A

Department of Pharmacognosy
Experience: 2 Years
Ph No: 9035379907
E Mail: